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19 member board to have much influence. we can pay attention and do our best. but it's a special moment when we get to actually individually have an influence and i feel like i did that with regard to this proposal. they had come forward with an idea to charge for parking which is not best practice and wouldn't have raised enough money and wouldn't have served a good transportation purpose. i and several board members got them to revisit that and tomorrow i'm meeting with them to look at that again so that we can better manage the parking and raise more money for better public transit. >> so, that means you won't be charging for parking? >> , no, we will bev. they were coming forward with a proposal to charge for parking in a really unwise way. and i'm going to be working with them to do it more smartly. >> okay, great, thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you. janet reilly.
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well, good afternoon, supervisors. my name is janet reilly and i want to thank you for taking the time today to consider my reappointment to the golden gate bridge board. it has been an absolute pleasure to serve on this board and i am just coming off of my two-year term as president and it was a very eventful two years. i have to say. last year at the district we celebrated 40 years of providing transit to sonoma and to marin counties to downtown san francisco. * and, of course, the highlight was we celebrated our 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, which i think we put on this spectacular civic celebration that was inclusive of kids and nonprofits, as well as people from all over the state of california and beyond. so, we're really, really proud of that. and because of the 75th anniversary, we formed a unique partnership at the district that we've never had before with the golden gate national parks conservancy, and the national park service. so, this allowed us to not only put on a great sell braaetionverctiontion, but to
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also fundamentally change the experience that the 10 million visitors a year who come to the golden gate bridge have. if you've been out there, we've built a 3500 square foot pavilion. it's a visitors pavilion and welcoming center. there are interpretive panels and photographs and videos that you can see there and merchandise that tell you a lot about the golden gate bridge. and we have some artifacts in that pavilion that have never been seen before by the public. so people now can actually get a sense of their rich history of the golden gate bridge and how it was built and the men and women in labor who built that bridge. and, so, it's really fantastic. we also improve the outdoor plaza area so there's more open space. we improve the pedestrian and bicycle path. so, really it's a much more pleasant place to visit now so we're really, really proud of that. on the fiscal side of things at the district, it has been a difficult time, as with any governmental quasi-governmental agency. but in 2009 the board of directors unanimously passed a plan for fiscal sustainability
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and we are in the midst right now of implementing that plan. there are 33 main initiatives and one that you may have been reading about and you certainly will over the next couple weeks is going to all electronic polling at the golden gate bridge. we are currently in a soft launch of that project. and by the end of march we will be fully implementing all electronic tolling. at the bridge and we'll be the first bridge in california to do this. * so, lots of people are watching and making sure that we do it correctly. as mentioned before, also the ongoing projects, the seismic retrofit project of the golden gate bridge, we're basically rebuilding the whole thing. $66 0 million project or about two-thirds of the way through that. our movable median barrier so we will forever not have to worry about cross over accidents on the golden gate bridge. that will be in place in 2015. and the suicide barrier which i think all of us here are pretty passionate about.
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that project is in its final design phases and it is going to be shovel ready by the end of this year. so, really, i would like to see that project go forward. and we are committed as a board not to put any toll money into building the suicide barrier. and, so, that means going out and raising with our partners in the advocacy community some $50 million. that's what it will cost for the suicide barrier. and, so, i'd love to continue my work on the bridge. like i said, it's been an absolute pleasure and ask for your consideration. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any questions? >> no, she answered all of them. i answered malia's. >> thank you. any public comments? come on up. you have two minutes. good afternoon. my name is alex tunison, i'm
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the representative organizer for ifpg local 21 at the golden gate bridge transportation district. i represent engineers and allied workers at the bridge including bridge inspectors, the folk that are designing the suicide barrier and other important workout there. i'm also the co-chair for the golden gate bridge labor coalition, the coalition of 14 unions that bargain collectively for collective contract agreements. i'm here speaking on behalf of ifpt local 21, not the whole coalition, make that clear. i have pep a lot of time at the bridge and at the district the last few years. i've been working there. i want to speak on behalf of all four of these board members and support their reappointments. i think it's important that we have an open dialogue and communication and i look forward to working with all four of them. you know, it's a very, very
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important entity around the whole bay area. it is a transportation district. focus on the bridge itself. but remember that part of our coalition, we have folks that work in the ferries, folks that maintain the buses. ironworkers and electricians and steel inspectors that climb around the bridge. those are very unique labor issues with that diverse work force and it's important to have board members that are willing to listen and also who do understand the issues that surround those workers. so, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, chairman yee, supervisor breed, malia cohen. my name is mary marzado and i am the san francisco vice president for local 21. i'm here in support of mike for reappointment.
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i've known him many years, enforcing labor standards in san francisco, as city worker, and before that for private unions. i know that mike has a very deep appreciation of the men and women who built the bridge and of those that continue to maintain and preserve this national landmark. i think that alex expressed to you that we represent many of those workers that are working right now to rebuild the bridge and make it seismically standard. he has been a very excellent representative on this board and we urge you to approve his reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts? there's four members are applying for the four
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positions. supervisor breed. >> thank you. i think we're really fortunate to have such a diverse and very capable group of individuals to serve on the -- this particular golden gate bridge transportation authority. i'm really happy to move all names forward to the full board for consideration to support. >> i second that. >> second? we'll take this without objection. >> can i recommend that you appoint to the specific seats, so, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the order that's on the agenda just so the record is clear? >> and is there any particular order, or does it matter? >> no order matters. >> supervisor breed, could you -- >> you'd like me to list the names and each specific seat? >> yes. >> okay.
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so, richard grosboll, am i saying his name right? seat number 1. michael, seat number 2. dave snyder seat number 3. and janet reilly, seat number 4 for consideration by the full board to support. >> second. >> okay. we will take this without objection. motion passes. item number 5, madam clerk, can you please call item number 5. ? >> item number 5, motion reappointing supervisor carmen chu, term ending january 31, 2015, to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district. >> can you make sure the rest of the crowd will be able to come in? we have seats now. [laughter] >> excuse me, excuse me, folks. excuse me, folks.
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i would like to continue the meeting. thank you. is there any public comments on this item? seeing none, with the upcoming appointment of supervisor carmen chu -- >> i'd like to make a motion to table this item. >> okay. is there a second? >> sure. >> so, without any objection. >> can we please call public comment? -- close public comment? >> i will close public comment. and we have a motion and a second. without any objections, passed. item number 6. >> item number 6, motion reappointing supervisor david campos, term ending january 31, 2015, to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district.
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>> okay. seeing no public, no public comment, public comment is closed. supervisors? supervisor breed. >> so moved. >> second? >> yes. >> without objection, motion moved forward. mad avenue -- madam clerk, can you please call item number 7? >> item number 7, motion appointing supervisor scott wiener, term ending january 31, 2015, to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district. >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts, motion? >> so moved. >> yes. >> seconded, okay. without any objection, motion moved, pass.
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item number 8, madam clerk. >> item number 8 is motion appointing supervisor norman yee, term ending january 31, 2015, to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district. >> so, i believe -- >> maybe i should jump in here. on the next three items, if you'll play a little musical chairs. a supervisor cannot participate in the discussion or vote on his or her own appointment to [speaker not understood] the commission. [speaker not understood], yes. >> okay. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> a motion to move this nomination forward, appointing norman yee to the golden gate bridge highway transportation district. >> i second that. without objection, motion carries.
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call him to come back? >> yes. >> madam clerk, please, item number 9. >> item number 9, motion appointing supervisor london breed, term ending february 4, 2015, to the san francisco local agency formation commission. >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. supervisor? cohen? >> yes. i'd like to support this motion, to support supervisor breed. >> i second it. and without any objection, motion passes. >> excuse me, supervisor, would you like to send this item as full -- would you like to send this item to the board as full
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meeting for the meeting february 12, 2013 since it is an urgent matter? >> yes. okay. madam clerk, can you call item number 10? >> item number 10, motion reappointing supervisor malia cohen, term ending june 30, 2014, to the association of bay area governments executive board. >> okay. seeing no public here, public comment is closed. supervisor breed, would you like to make a motion? >> so moved. >> i will second it. without any objection, i will move this forward.
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madam clerk, can you call item number 11? >> item number 11, motion reappointing supervisor eric mar, term ending february 1, 2017, to the bay area air quality management district board of directors. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is close now closed. supervisors, would you like to make a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> without any objection, move this motion forward. madam clerk, can you please call item number 12. >> item number 12, motion reappointing supervisor john avalos, term ending february 1, 2017, to the bay area air quality management district board of directors. >> okay. seeing -- is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisors, is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> without any objection, move this forward.
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item number 13, madam clerk. >> item number 13, motion amending the board of supervisors rules of order, rule 3.27, and deleting rule 3.29, to establish the neighborhood services and safety committee by combining the city operations and neighborhood services committee and the public safety committee. >> okay. colleagues, i received a request that this matter be continued to the february 21st next committee meeting. after public comment i would like to entertain a motion to continue this item at the february 21st rules committee meeting. any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisors? >> i'd like to make a motion to move this item to the february 21st rules committee meeting. >> second. >> okay. without any objection, motion passes.
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next item, madam clerk. >> item number 14 is an ordinance amending the san francisco municipal elections code by amending sections 100, 110, 200, 205, 220, 230, 260, 335, 500, and 590, and adding section 810 to: 1) incorporate state law provisions governing community college and board of education candidates; 2) change deadlines for withdrawal of candidacy and candidate qualification statements; 3) change the public inspection period for candidate materials; 4) change requirements for petition circulator badges; 5) delete the requirement that a disclaimer appear before board of supervisors' arguments in the voter information pamphlet; 6) incorporate state law provisions governing signatures in lieu of filing fees; 7) reinstate candidate filing fee provisions; and 8) make other technical amendments. >> i made a mistake. so, item 13 was -- we asked for continuance, it was supposed to be for 14.
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>> deputy city attorney john give more. -- givener. what i suggest is you take item 14 by continuing it, then go back to 13, move to rescind your vote on 13 after you vote to rescind, then you can actually vote on item 13. >> thank you very much. that was my mistake. so, any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, is there a motion to continue this for february 21st? >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. seeing no objection, item passes. i would like to go back to item 13 and is there a motion to rescind our previous decision? >> [inaudible]. >> second. >> without any objection -- any public comments? any public comment? >> because you've already taken public comment and closed public comment, you don't need to take public comment again on
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this particular -- >> thank you very much. without any objection, motion to rescind passes. reconsidering item 13 again, i don't think we need to reread it. there's no public comment, so is there a motion to move this forward? >> yes. so moved. >> second. >> without any objection, this item passes. next item. >> mr. chair, item number 15 is an item regarding existing litigation. would you like to adopt a motion to move into closed session? >> yes. is there a motion? >> would you like to take public comment? >> is there any public comment about closed session? seeing none, closed session is closed. is a motion, is there a second? >> to go into closed session? >> yes. >> so moved. >> okay. without any objection, motion
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>> deputy city attorney john givener again. in the closed session the committee decided to move item 15 to the full board with recommendation. >> thank you. so, is there -- would you like to make a motion to -- >> yes. i'd like to make a motion that we not disclose the discussion from closed session. >> without any objection, motion passes. madam clerk, are there any other items? >> no, mr. chair. the agenda is completed. >> so, meeting adjourned? meeting adjourned. [adjourned]
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>> good morning and welcome to the thursday, february 7th, 2013 meeting of the board of supervisors city operations and neighborhood services committee. we have been joined by supervisor yee, eric mar is in
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route. we also have been joined by supervisor scott weiner, we want to thank the clerk of the committee derek evans and we want to thank the following members of the stgtv staff who are covering the meeting today. jessy larson and melokian and we also want to welcome the member of the public that are here and who are watching. >> make sure to silence all cell phones and device and complete the speaker cards and copies of any documents that are included to part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items today will appear on the february 29th agenda unless others stated. >> thank you and if you could call item number two, please? >> item number two is a hearing, calling on city agencies including the police department and district
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attorney's office to report about the increases in robberis on city streets and public transit. >> this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor weiner with my co-sponsor ship. >> thank you very much, there chairman and thank you for your support on this item. today, we are going to hold a hearing on robbery trends in the city. and specifically robbery trends around smart phones and tablets and electronic devices where we have seen a sharp and alarming frequency of those robberies sometimes turning violent. this is an issue really around the city, it seems like everywhere that i go, every community meeting that i attend, whether it is in my district or anywhere else. this is what people are talking about. and they are talking about it because it seems like almost anyone that you talk to in san
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francisco, these days, they, they either they have experienced something like this where a smart phone or tablet where they were robbed, or they know everyone who is experienced it or they know someone who knows someone. this is something that is impacting a lot of people, either directly or in directly and there is a high level of concern understandable related to these violent crimes. so, as i noted, these criminals are especially targeting people with mobile devices, more and more people are carrying smart phones, because i think that we all know that recent surveys show that 45 to 50 percent of adults own the smart phones nationwide, which is i am sure much higher here in san francisco, these devices costs hundreds of dollars and it is an ipad and it may cost 700 or 800 dollars making them
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valuable and visable targets for thieves. on muni, buses and light rail, the people with iphones and tablets are targeted at well. the thieves will wait until the doors are about to close on a bus or light rail and then grab the devices and run out of the door making it hard to pursue them. >> the thefts of these smart phones and tablets have become such a common practice in our city and cities across the country, that it has learned a name as recently reported in the new york times called apple picking. one study by the fcc 30 to 40 percent of robberies in several major cities involve cell phones, last year the sfpd reported that more than half of the 4,000 robberies between january and august in san francisco involved smart phones or tablets. new york city reported that more than 40 percent of all
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robberies involved cell phones, and los angeles, reported that 25 percent of all robberies involved cell phones. these robberies sometimes turn violent, whether or not the victim fights back. we have seen some very alarming instances, for example, in my district and the castro and in college hill, where people were attacked in addition to having their phones robbed. and these robberies don't just take place in central locations where people people congregate. recently, for example there was a rash of armed robberies of smart phones in corbit street in my district and a quiet residential area in broad daylight in the middle of the day. so people are understandable alarmed. we need to address this critical public safety issue by employing strategies and catching the criminals who are perpetrating these crimes and educating the public on how we
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can all, protect ourselves understanding that the police cannot be everywhere at the same time. >> we will have several speakers that will provide us with information about the state of the world in this particular area and what we are doing to address the problem. we have representatives from the police department, district attorney office, and from the mta. we did, anticipate that the ctia, wireless association would be able to attend unfortunately at the last minute there was an aunavoidable conflict and not able to be here today. i do know that both the police department and the da's office continued to work very closely with wireless carriers to coordinate and to see what we can do to make these targets or to make these phones and these tablets less appealing targets and i know that there has been a lot of talk about bricking, and finding ways for the phones
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to actually just be killed remotely. so that they don't have any value. i am sure that we will hear about that today. so colleagues, if there is no introduction comments, mr. chairman? >> thank you, supervisor weiner. i want to add a couple of points and i want to thank you for introducing this item and this is something that is happening not only in certain neighborhoods but it is actually happening city-wide and as you know, we had a community meeting in vernal heights a few days ago that was attended by supervisor weiner and avalos and myself and we had over 200 people who had been concerned. i think that it is really important to make sure that law enforcement in the city are doing everything that we need to but that the public also
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becomes more aware. i think that it was rod coming off of muni and trying to get an iphone taken from me. we as individuals can do to protect ourselves that are safer in terms of being alert of our surroundings and thank you for this and make sure that more people throughout the city are aware of what is happening. >> i know that there are a lot of businesses that have been targeted for robberies from banks to jewelry stores and most recently about two weeks ago, clement pharmacy in the outer as well. and so